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Cancer Treatment

BCI Little Rock & Pine Bluff Arkansas

Blood and Cancer Institute (BCI) was established in 2011. Since then our organization has been at the forefront of the fight against cancer, and our cancer care team is dedicated to win this fight for you on all fronts. Our goal is to put cancer out of business.

BCI’s cancer care team, technologies, and processes are selected with a “patient-centered” approach. Patients facing a diagnosis of cancer will take comfort in knowing that our cancer care team will be with them throughout their journey from diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Our highly skilled staff in our Little Rock and Pine Bluff locations are compassionate and knowledgeable about healthcare needs. When a new patient becomes part of the BCI family, it’s important to know they are not “just another patient”.  At BCI, our team is inspired by our patients, which is why we are committed to exceeding your expectations in all areas.

A Message From Our Founder and CEO

“Increasing age, excessive unhealthy or processed food consumption and exposure to industrial and agricultural toxins, has led to significantly increased incidence in cancers. 30% of these cancers can be prevented by simple changes in our lifestyles. Thanks to relentless research in cancer, we have also seen a phenomenal growth in cancer therapies. Our cancer care team at BCI therefore provides the most advanced, targeted therapies, tailored to your own genetic make-up.”